Data Analysis Platforms

Galaxy for reproducible data analysis through workflows


Galaxy is an open, web-based platform for data-intensive computational research. It allows to run analysis workflows, facilitates sharing of data and results, and removes the need for users to install tools. ELIXIR Belgium has developed and maintains which is hosted on the Flemish Supercomputer Centre (VSC) resources. It provides life sciences researchers access to compute resources, tools and data analysis workflows. Specifically for microbial public health applications, Galaxy@Sciensano was established. This instance offers tools, pipelines and databases  for using whole genome sequencing in routine pathogen typing and characterization, and outbreak detection.


We are co-developing WorkflowHub, a public registry to describe, store, share and publish data analysis pipelines and workflows. WorkflowHub is developed in the context of the EOSC-Life project and in collaboration with the Australian BioCommons. Through practical  implementations for RO-Crate, the community-driven approach to package research data with its metadata, we enable the exchange of FAIR Digital Objects.

Our team strongly collaborates with the Galaxy Core Team and the ELIXIR Galaxy Community.

Specialised data analysis services

The Unipept platform for metaproteomics data analysis enables researchers to get insight into the biodiversity and functional composition of complex environmental samples, by using the information present in existing data sources such as UniProt. QCQuan provides a standardised environment to perform automated quality control and reproducible statistical analysis for high-dimensional omics datasets that employ complex design. The service will be expanded to accommodate additional quantitative proteomics and genomics data, and will be integrated in the ELIXIR Tools ecosystem e.g. through linking with Galaxy. 



ELIXIR Belgium is a partner in EuroScienceGateway, a European project set up to leverage a distributed computing network across European countries, accessible via national web portals (Galaxy), facilitating access to compute and storage infrastructures across Europe as well as to data, tools, workflows and services. We are involved and contributing to the work packages on project management, FAIR research, pulsar network and sustainable operating model.