PIPPA is a central web interface and database that provides the tools for the management of different types of plant phenotyping robots and for the analysis of images and data.

The public PIPPA interface provides access to the raw phenotypic data and linked metadata, making the data FAIR based on the MIAPPE standard. API calls are available for expert users to perform customized data requests. Through implementation of the Breeding API (BrAPI), PIPPA serves as a data provider for FAIDARE, an international portal to facilitate the discoverability of public data on plant biology. Bioschemas markup has been added to PIPPA to improve the findability of the data via public search engines.


PIPPA was initially developed at Ghent University and the VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology. In December 2021, the VIB Agro-Incubator took the lead for further developments.