24-25 October 2018

Faculty of Bioscience Engineering
Coupure Links 653
Room B0.1
9000 Ghent, Belgium

Computing skills for reproducible research: Software Carpentry


Two-day workshop (24-25 October 2018) on good development practices that encourage efficient and reproducible research computing. This workshop is aimed at researchers in life -sciences who need to analyse data, even if not full time. The target participant has the need to read and use Python scripts, the interest to understand better how the code works and the will to pursue efficiency.  

The course encompasses an introduction to Python scripting and the Unix shell (to learn about command line basics useful to run programs only available via commands), and version control with Git (to introduce tracking of changes into the data analysis workflow to add reproducibility to the project).

This event is organised by ELIXIR Belgium as part of the ELXIR-EXCELERATE program.

More information and registration on this link.