10 January 2022

Ghent, Technologiepark, Locus building

Docker (and Singularity) for reproducible and automated data analysis

The course will give an introduction to containers (Docker & Singularity) which are great components to achieve portability and reproducibility of your analysis. You will learn how to use containers and how to build a container from scratch, share it with others and how to re-use and modify existing containers. After an extensive explanation on Docker containers, Singularity will be highlighted as well. 



  • Learn the concept of and the difference between Docker & Singularity containers 
  • Write a Docker recipe, build and run a Docker image and containers
  • Pull and push Docker container to / from Docker hub
  • Docker files and layers; Docker cashing
  • Working with volumes
  • Pull Docker containers as a Singularity image

Trainer: Head of the VIB Bioinformatics Core Alexander Botzki - alexander.botzki@vib.be

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