15 June 2022

Herman Teirlinck building
Havenlaan 88
1000 Brussels

FAIR trees: phylogenetics in Galaxy workshop


In this workshop you will be introduced to the Galaxy platform and learn how to perform phylogenetic analysis using its tools and workflows. Phylogenetic analysis using sequence data involves many steps using various bioinformatic tools. This translates into a steep and long learning curve for researchers with little bioinformatic knowledge since the majority of these tools run on the command line.

Galaxy is an open-source, free platform for data analysis that enables users to use more than 8.000 tools from computational biology and other domains through its graphical web interface. More importantly, Galaxy allows researchers to connect different tools into workflows, which can subsequently be deposited in registries, to ensure findability and reproducibility.

Learning objectives:

*  familiarise yourself with the Galaxy environment: histories, data, tools and workflows.

*  do phylogenetic analysis in Galaxy: connect and download proteome from databases (e.g. ENSEMBL), find orthologs, align genomes, build concatenation matrix, select model and reconstruct phylogeny, visualise trees.

For this workshop you will need a wi-fi capable laptop with an internet browser installed. Galaxy is web-based and computing will be done remotely at the Flemish Supercomputing Center cloud. As the trainers will focus on Galaxy's tools and workflows for phylogenetics, attendees are expected to have basic understanding on the theory of phylogenetic analysis.

Workshop organised by ELIXIR Belgium. Participation is free, but registration is required. Register here >