4-18 May 2022


Gentle hands-on introduction to Python programming

This course gently introduces programming to new programmers. There are plenty of opportunuties to apply and practice what you learn, and ask questions in a safe place. Furthermore, surprise yourself by building a substantial project over the 3 course weeks. We use the popular Python programming language to prepare you for real-world research application of what you learn.


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand some fundamental programming concepts
  • Understand Python programs written by your colleagues
  • Make useful changes to existing Python programs
  • Write new, useful Python programs
  • Take more advanced Python courses

Required skills

This course is aimed at people with no programming skills or experience. Those who want to learn Python but have experience with other languages are welcome but you may find the course slow going.

If you’re already familiar with Python and want to improve your skills in a particular area please register for a more specialized course such as the data analysis, the machine learning or the deep learning training.

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