13 November 2020


Introduction to Docker, Singularity and Nextflow for industry

On request of and in collaboration with Janssen Pharmaceutica, ELIXIR Belgium and the VIB Bioinformatics core organized a workshop series on Docker, Singularity and Nextflow. In three afternoon sessions (13/11, 20/11, 4/12 2020), topics as version control, software containers and workflow pipeline tools were tackled. Participants of Janssen Pharmaceutica learned about containerization of bioinformatics tools and environments using Docker and Singularity, as well as how to apply them in their research. Nextflow was introduced for building scalable and reproducible data-analysis pipelines focusing on a general transcriptomics pipeline built in DSL2. The training material for this workshop series is available on these links:

  • Docker & Singularity training material (link)
  • Docker & Singularity e-learning (link)
  • Nextflow training material (link)