5-6 October 2017

ICTS Education Center, KUL
Willem de Croylaan 52a
3001 Heverlee

Python for data processing


Two-day data processing course (5-6 October 2017). This course starts with an introduction to the language, its simple datatypes and control structures, moving on to its more complex data structures, and classes. The emphasis is on how to use Python to solve real world problems in the domain of data transformation relevant to scientific computing. Subjects such as regular expressions, various file formats used in a scientific context, how to parse and transform data, interact with databases and external programs. It also covers the libraries that are useful for scientific programming such as numpy, scipy, matplotlib, pandas, and biopython. Hands-on sessions with exercises based on real-world cases are provided.


More detailed information and the registration page can be found on this link.


Organised within the framework of ELIXIR Belgium, together with Geert-Jan Bex, KU Leuven/UHasselt.