12-13 December 2022


Building 75 (CMB building),
4th floor - room: L4

Research Data Management: your ally on the way to your publication

In this course you will learn how to use Research Data Management (RDM) in order to improve the writing of your publications and potentially increase its impact.


Starting from basic concepts together with hands-on activities and discussions, during two days you will learn how to standardise, document and submit your data in a repository and how all of this will help you to underpin your publication.



  • Define, explain, and differentiate RDM, FAIR data and Open data.
  • Find information and resources about RDM.
  • Organize, structure, and standardize data and documentation linked to experiments and publication during and after research.
  • Apply minimal metadata standards  for domain-specific data.
  • Describe the impact of documentation on the publication preparation.
  • Finding trusted and certified repositories (generic and discipline specific), and learning how to deposit data to them.
  • Recognize, explain, and discuss the GDPR.
  • Understanding how to protect and anonymize personal data.
  • Reuse and verify data.
  • Understanding the data management plan, what it is for, and what should be coverage.

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